The Unadulterated Truth About Getting In Shape!

This article was originally written by Tim Webb

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I bet with the new year here many of you are considering working off the Christmas indulgence with a new gym membership, a flashy piece of home gym equipment, or purchasing some gadget of another.
Essentially the hunt will be on for that miracle cure that will undo (possibly) months of excess in just a few weeks. And you know what?
More power to you!
At least you are taking action. Many won’t even get that far.
However what happens when external appeal wears off? Because, more often than not, that is what drives the “new you” approach. Once the novelty wears off the new membership, bit of fitness kit, or whatever it may be, you are left back at the starting point.
I see this SO often and have concluded that, very often, the reason that underlies the failing of these short-lived sporadic attempts at physical betterment is one of looking for motivation in the wrong place.
To be more specific, placing external items on a pedestal and then getting bored with their appeal and quitting physical training.
A list of excuses often accompanies such decisions to quit but the real reason is that their motivation did not come from within, fortified with a cast-iron promise to themselves to make it a lifestyle change.
No! Instead it came about due to them seeing expensive gym kit, or them seeing a celebrity using the latest ‘wonder’ gadget, assuring them it will provide a six- pack!
Be willing to train regardless of whether you have equipment or not and definitely without thought for what others will think of you.
If you have made a genuine decision to train then you should not require external motivation of peers, equipment, or anyone/thing else!
Your motivation should be derived from within and should become a part of you. Each day take time to visualise and see yourself as you want to become. See yourself enjoying the physical challenge. Use your mind to guide you towards your target then take physical action.
If you need a friend to train with you in order for you even to turn up for a session, you need to reassess your reasons.
If it is for something profound and life-changing (like better health) then take a grip of your mental tenacity and do it YOURSELF.
Ultimately people will come to admire and respect your tenacity (stick-to-it-ness!) and, more than likely, you will (unwittingly) be seen as a role model to those around you!
(c) Tim Webb 2006


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