Special Schools for Special Kids

If you are a parent of a sp
ecial needs child, you know something that the public schools either don’t know or they refuse to recognize. And that is any special need can be accommodated and worked around and your child is just as capable of excellence on an even playing field with any other child if his or her limitation is taken out of the picture.

It really is amazing when you think about it because so many people with special situations have gone on to such genius and excellent. From Stevie Wonder to Steven Hawkings, the schools should buy a clue that a physical disability or learning disability problem does not mean that child cannot be an outstanding student and go great things in school and in life. But public schools traditionally do a terrible job accommodating kids with special needs and when your child has a learning disability, their record is even worse.

Perhaps we can see that public schools are really built to churn a massive amount of students in and out of the system every year. And because they do have to accept everybody, you can understand why it’s difficult to provide accommodations for physically challenged children or kids with learning disabilities.

For most parents seeking the best for their children, trying to get the accommodations made so your child can excel in public school is a study in frustration. Even if on paper the school acknowledges that each teacher will provide those accommodations, when the rubber hits the road, they don’t. Particularly when your child’s limitation is a learning disability, perhaps because the disability is not visible as is the case with a child in a wheelchair or who cannot see, the teacher commonly “forget” that your child needs accommodation and lumps them in with the rest of the class and then punishes them for having difficulty.

Not only is this situation a horror show for parents to get through, it erodes your child’s self esteem and ability to stay ambitious and positive about going to school to try to do his or her best. So while we all have the urge to try to make the larger system work for us, it is often the best course of action to seek out a private school that has the specialized training and equipment to accommodate your child and still provide him or her with an outstanding education from elementary school all the way through to college preparation in high school.

For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Any teacher who is going to work with children with disabilities or limitations has to undergo specialized training. Part of that training is to recognize the individual nature of your child’s situation and tailor the educational goals accordingly without “dumbing down” the curriculum. This is the value of moving to a private school setting to get your child away from the public school prejudice that sees all children with physical limitations or learning disabilities as “slow” or unable to learn. The truth that you know and your child knows is that your child may be of superior intellect and able to outperform other children with no such challenges if the disability is neutralized.

Private schools often foster the specialized training, the skills and the passion to teach physically challenged or learning disability children and seeing them reach the excellence they are capable of. And when the school knows that a disability is something that can be worked around and they see the true greatness in your child, then your child will begin to excel and that self esteem and excitement about learning will return. And won’t it be great when your child is eager to go to school each day rather than fearing it like a prison sentence. That alone makes going the private school route for your child a good option.


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