Private Boarding Schools in Switzerland

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Private Boarding Schools in Switzerland

Switzerland’s educational system is dissimilar for every canton; as a result the majority of decisions in school running are based on a cantonal level. Switzerland’s complete time of schooling comprises twelve years. Six years of primary education is compulsory, followed by stages I and II in secondary education. Upon completion of stage II, the compulsory education of nine years is completed. For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. After which, depending on the school, the student can set out to attain the Matura or Abitur, which is equal to A-Levels;

Parents often send their children to private boarding schools in Switzerland because of the boarding school’s excellent standard of education, as well as its significant impartation to students of the values of responsibility, consideration, and reliability, through the every day interaction of the child with schoolmates and teachers. As a result, the students learn to set high standards for themselves, as well as open up to the ethics that they achieve through experience as they deal with actual life situations.

Private boarding schools in Switzerland also provide opportunities that can’t be acquired through ordinary schools or through interaction with friends and family. Unlike how it used to be in the past, where European boarding schools such as Switzerland’s, were entirely associated with monasteries and convents, today’s private boarding schools in Switzerland are primarily institutions that provide complete full-time care. Moreover, they’re not just for imparting knowledge, but also a way of increasing the entire potential of the students.

Switzerland being a multicultural country, with its four languages of Italian, French, German, and Romansch, has pushed multicultural education as well. About one-hundred-thousand students from different regions of Switzerland with hundreds of various nationalities, attend private boarding schools in Switzerland.

One of the recognized private boarding schools in Switzerland is The American School in Switzerland (TASIS), which is a private boarding school for high school receiving students from a lot of different places and providing them with an education that is Western-based. The school fosters an enthusiasm for excellence together with understanding and mutual respect. The school’s academic programs allow students to receive an American high school diploma, as well as International Baccalaureate diploma. The school is peacefully located in the midst of a spectacular environment of Swiss mountains and Lake Lugano in the little village of Montagnola.

There are many other high standard private boarding schools in Switzerland, all having the excellent aim of good quality education and cultural understanding that would deliver future successful students and individuals.

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