Power Nutrition Basics

This article was originally written by Greg Boileau

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What does it mean to provide your body with the right structural materials? Are you aware that your body requires sufficient amounts of these ‘right materials’ to repair and maintain existing tissues and grow new tissues? Do you understand the power of nutrition and how it can transform your body? If you want to lose weight and do it the right way you need to understand the fundamentals of nutrition A.S.A.P. So, what is the right stuff? Lets get to the nitty gritty and give your brain a quick power boost to get you on your way!!
The Right Stuff!
1. Over million of years your body has developed precise mechanisms to utilize chemicals and convert them into muscles, bones, organs, the brain! Any guess as to what these chemicals are? I’ll give you a hint: Mainstream Media talks about them all the time as miracle pills. Maybe, they really are. For growth, maintenance and repair make sure you get the correct nutrients. Stay away from that man made stuff!
2. Half of the dry weight of your body is protein. Every structure of your body is virtually constructed by pure protein. Even your genes are pure protein! Make sure to ingest the highest quality r protein, and the right amount. Too little and you suffer. Too much and it can become toxic.
3. What would flesh look like if your body’s electrons were spinning out of control? It wouldn’t be flesh, and you wouldn’t be you. When your electrons are in harmony with one another you stay healthy indefinitely. What do you need to do to keep your flesh healthy and to lose weight easier without damage to your bodily systems? Antioxidants! The fellows who will help you fight those free radicals.
Putting it all together
Nutrients, protein, and antioxidants all play a vital role in the evolution of the human body. When losing weight it is of great importance that you consume the right types of food so you do not create any long lasting effects that could damage your body. By eating correctly you can lose weight, feel great and create a powerful body and mind that can endure and supersede life’s current stressors.


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