Popping a Pill against Fat



Effects of media in the promulgation of diet pills advertisements, negative effects of using weight loss pills and giving safe alternatives for weight loss.

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Weight loss pills, Diet pills

Blame it on the latest fad. Commercials, soaps and all other media subtly injects this notion in our very peculiar and receptive minds, “being plus-sized is abhorrent.” True enough, even in our TV viewing routine, guess who are the center of ridicule? And we all arrive to the same answer. Nowadays, it’s really hard to be a plus-sized person because the society, or rude elements of society, make a laughing stock out of their life. Some may disagree because in some TV programs fat people are lorded as protagonists. Correct, but it’s not entirely true. First thing, as predictable as the magic tricks of your sleazy barrio clowns, you are able to predict that these people will be exposed to mockery of all sorts. Eventually, after a series crying episodes, she will fight her guts out all and win the people’s sympathy. But this is the hardcore truth, they will be forced, by circumstance or by a fellow push-over, to loss weight.

In this very light, and with the media bombarded with “slim-is-beautiful” culture, can we blame the plus-sized people in trying all possible way just to attain that desirable figure? and thus, Diet Pills and Weight loss pills were born. But before inveigling individuals to take in this “pharmacological treatments, intended to to help reduce or control weight,” let’s see the negative effects of this “supposed-to-be-helpful” drug. (Given that almost all advertisements has provided us all with its positive effects.)

Some weight loss pills have severe and sometimes life-threatening side effects. A famous diet pill, Fen-phen, was requested to be pulled out in the market as it caused lethal heart problems to American females. Some other weight loss pills can generate greater risk for high blood pressure, insomnia, faster heart rate and other deadly side effects to human health.

According to recent study, diet pills aren’t that as effective as observing proper diet and exercises. The best way to combat obesity is not with huge of weight loss pills but with the cost-effective and ever-safe exercise. In addition to that, there are natural and healthy ways to achieve that long coveted figure that will entail less risk to our body. Diet machines and other healthy regimen are available in the market.

There are also TV programs that promotes loving oneself regardless of what size you are. These shows do not promote obesity but instead they empower individuals to start looking at themselves with more love and less disgust. This promotion of proper attitude gives the right perspective and subsequently fuels us to do something out of the ordinary. Now, TV isn’t that bad after all.

Dieting need not to be hazardous to one’s health. It is given fact that obesity has also its complications but it’s never proper to give into something just because pressure and disgust. Losing weight is great and is advisable to all ages and its apparent impact is undeniably helpful. But in doing so, always have the correct attitude and proper guidance from your physician. As they say, “Health is Wealth.”

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