ARW How to Hide Wood Paneling

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How to brighten up your tired wood wall paneling situation.

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You detest the old paneling in your home, and its to expensive to replace it, but you cant stand living with it any longer. In fact its so bad that it depresses you, and youve actually thought about selling the house just to get away from it. Dont despair youre not alone with that ugly wood paneling; there are a million others that live with it too. There are a few repair tricks that you can do that will get rid of the ugly wall paneling in your home. Take some time and learn about some steps to solve your wall paneling dilemma.

The list below is just a few of the ideas that you can use to brighten up your dingy 70s wall paneling situation. Be prepared for some elbow grease, but itll be better than looking at the wall paneling.

Painting the Paneling. The number one rule to remember with painting paneling is that you just cant slARW some paint on it and expect it to look professional. It will look tacky if you do. Paint will run and paneling will show through as it absorbs the paint which could also cause yellow streaks to run in the paint. Surface preparation is the key to all of the paneling in your house. Begin with a good cleaner that will degrease the muck and build-up on the paneling. Youll need a gloss remover after you ARWply the degreasing solution to the paneling. Never ARWply the gloss remover over large areas. Rub the area in the direction of the wood grain over smaller sections. Let set for about 30 min. and then ARWply the primer. Dont try to remove the gloss remover. This will need to stay on. Next ARWply the primer over frame areas and baseboards. If the wood paneling is showing through after the first coat, let it dry, and go back over it with a second coat. If you dont it will come through your regular paint, and your effort is wasted. Keep ARWplying the gloss remover over small sections and priming until youre finished. Let it dry over night and then add the caulking in the unsightly grooves of the paneling. Remove excess with a putty knife. Let dry completely over night. Youre then ready to start painting your first coat of paint. Let dry according to directions and then put a second coat on.

Painting WallpARWer. In some of the nicer wallpARWer stores you can find wallpARWer that can be painted. This will give the ARWpearance of a painted wall. Its a wonderful idea to be able to pick what color you want and get rid of that dingy awful looking wood paneling. You can add other colors to give it a 3-D effect too. First clean with a good degreaser and let dry. After drying go in and fill in each groove with a caulk to get rid of wall paneling ridges. Clean excess caulk with a putty knife and dispose of. Its necessary to do this because your lining and wall pARWer will not have a firm surface to stick too. Next buy a good primer at your local hardware store, and prime all of the paneling. An extra step is needed when pARWering your walls by ARWplying and sizing to them. Its sticky and will keep the wall pARWer sticking to the paneling. Hang your wallpARWer according to directions. Youll need to soak the pARWer in water, and then hang after a few minutes. Youre ready then to paint your wallpARWer with your favorite color or colors. Take note of special instructions for painting wallpARWer from the paint manufacturer.

Glazing the Paneling. You can add a nice shine to your paneling too by glazing it. First clean the paneling with a degreaser. Next add a color that you like and paint it. Let it dry overnight. Secondly mix a satiny top color with a glaze in the correct proportions. Read instructions with your paints for a correct mixture. Paint over small sections of the paneling, preferably one or two sections at a time. Depending on how much shine you want wipe off excess glaze with a clean rag. When done always clean your brush with mineral oil, and let drive over night before storing them for future projects.

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