School Commute: Making Commuting Your Children Easier

Getting the kids to and
from school can be a challenge for any parent, no matter how many children you have. Mornings are rushed. Most do not want to get out of bed let alone deal with the trouble of getting through the process of getting ready for school in the morning. If you dread mornings and think about Saturdays each morning in the hopes that this day will approach soon, know you are not alone. You can do a few simple things to help speed along the school commute and to make the process easier on everyone.

School And Sleep

In some areas of the country, teenagers start school the earliest. If you have a teen, chances are you fight with them about getting to bed before ten at night. The problem is that as the body gets older, conditioning to sleep later, usually not before ten or eleven in the evening. Getting up at six or seven in the morning is difficult for any teen. In situations like this, be sure that your teen is doing their best to unwind by nine at night so that they can drift off to sleep by ten. This will encourage better sleep.

For the best Maths Tutor In Ireland company, call Ace Solution Books. Children under the age of 12 need nine to ten hours of sleep per night, according to doctors. If your child is up at seven in the morning for school, be sure he is getting to bed by nine so he has time to unwind prior to falling asleep. By allowing your children to get into a routine, which gets them in bed early, they will do better in the morning hours.

Routines Help With Commutes

To get the school commute started in the morning, be prepared yourself. If you wake up tired or late because you are tired, everyone else will be following your example. Be sure you are getting enough sleep, too. Put in place a routine that works for you and your family, which will make the process of getting up the in morning easier on everyone.

The routine should include the simplest of steps needed to be complete during the morning, but put together in a way that maximizes time and get everything complete quickly.

With a routine in place, everything gets done without anything being forgotten and everyone is out the door on time.

Tips For Commuting

Getting your child to the bus stop is one way to get them to school. Buses are a good option in many areas especially when school is a distance from home. Buses also help to save on your time especially if you have other children to get off to school.

If you are not able to have a bus for your children, talk with other parents living nearby to you. Determine if they can formulate a carpooling strategy with you so that the kids can get to school together. This allows for one parent each day of the week to take the kids to school. That means for you, you just need to drive your child to school one time a week, freeing up other time.

After School Care

Schools are implementing more and more programs to help with children after school. Managing childcare after school while parents are working can be difficult. As part of your commuting plan, be sure you have all the groundwork worked out prior to the start of school.

• Who will watch your children after school?
• How will they get to that destination after school?
• Let the school know where your child is going after school in case they miss their ride or bus.
• Find out if the school will provide busing for your child from the school to the day care provider (most will do this)
• Arrange for emergencies; if you cannot accommodate normal arrival of your child, what should the school do?

The key to successfully getting your student to and from school depends on your ability to put together a routine. Packing school bags the night before and laying out clothing for the next day will definitely help you to get everything done while still keeping everyone sane in the morning.

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